Sintetica features in historic Commonwealth at 70 anniversary album

Sintetica chosen as one of two companies to represent pharmaceutical sector

A commemorative album marking the 70th anniversary of the Commonwealth has been launched with Sintetica featuring in this historic piece of work. Sintetica was chosen for inclusion by the editorial board of publisher St James’s House because of its people focused work style and corporate sustainability.

Sintetica is one of only two pharmaceutical companies selected to represent the pharmaceutical sector.

The book “The Commonwealth at 70: From Westminster to the World” was written by academics and experts and produced by The History of Parliament Trust. It was launched at Westminster Abbey.
Sintetica has offices across Europe and the UK – Sintetica Limited in London.
Speaking from London, Darren Fergus, Managing Director, said, “As one of the most ambitious and well-researched academic projects in British history, it gives me immense pride to see Sintetica featured and recognised across the UK and the Commonwealth.
“The Commonwealth spans the globe and as Sintetica expands its global footprint the album will always be a reflection of our own ambitions and that makes me smile as it sits proudly in our library.”

Photo showing Sintetica page featuring Corporate CEO Augusto Mitidieri.

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Pharmaceutical company Sintetica picked for historic Commonwealth at 70 anniversary project


Sintetica selected because of people focused work style

The innovative, scientific pharmaceutical company, Sintetica has been chosen as a patron of the official History of Parliament Trust commemorative album to mark the 70th anniversary of the Commonwealth.
The company was selected for inclusion by the editorial board of publisher St James’s House because of its people focused work style and corporate sustainability.
Sintetica is one of a handful of pharma companies selected to represent the pharmaceutical sector. The project marks 70 years of the Commonwealth with a commemorative album written by academics and experts. The book “The Commonwealth at 70: From Westminster to the World” will be launched at Westminster Abbey on June 25 2019.
The album includes photographs, stories and thought-provoking debate on all aspects of the states that make up the Commonwealth, which was born in April 1949. It brings together best practice and offers an insight into the major Commonwealth institutions, organisations and initiatives.
Sintetica Limited Managing Director, Darren Fergus, said he was proud of the work of the company and its people and thrilled that Sintetica was chosen to take part in the commemoration. Sintetica has offices across Europe and the UK – Sintetica Limited in London.
Darren Fergus said: “An organisation like the Commonwealth brings together so much knowledge and experience. It shows how countries can work together for the common interests of its peoples. Business can learn from this understanding and co-operation. Myself and my colleagues were overjoyed at Sintetica being chosen to take part in this body of work and we look forward to meeting the other contributors and learning from each other.”
The album was produced by The History of Parliament Trust which is a research project creating a comprehensive account of parliamentary politics in England and then Britain from the 13th century. It is regarded as one of the most ambitious and well-researched academic projects in British history.
Notes to editors:
A limited number of press tickets are available for the book launch. For further information or to find out more about the publication or the launch event please contact Stephen van der Merwe:
For further information about Sintetica Limited contact:
Gail Downey,
Media and Communications,
Sintetica Limited
(m) 07976 819913
About Sintetica Limited:
Sintetica Limited organisation has in its legacy specialist anaesthetics and analgesics that are manufactured in Switzerland, continuously supplied to its markets and integrated into healthcare pathways by people with a real passion and responsibility for what they do.
Committed to implementing access strategies for all of its new medicines based upon addressing the needs of patients in local communities. Through research, development and understanding, Sintetica Limited will improve the affordability of its medicines and strengthen future healthcare outcomes in the communities it serves.
Sintetica Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sintetica SA.
Medical Information email:
Stock availability email:
Sintetica Limited email:

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at Adverse events should also be reported to Sintetica Limited
Medical Information on 01748 827269 or via e-mail to
Sintetica Limited, 30th Floor, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London E14 5NR
Date of preparation: June 2019 
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Sedation and Restraint

Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Conference (APAGBI), Sheffield June 2019. Discussion on sedation and restraint.
Speakers gave accounts of their experience of working in paediatric sedation and how in some cases children had to be restrained. One speaker gave evidence of the long term impact on children in terms of their resistance to future healthcare. 
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Sintetica announces transfer of majority stake to build international growth

International Development Plans

It has been announced the Swiss pharmaceutical company Sintetica SA has transferred a majority stake in the business to Ardian – the largest private equity operator in Europe - as part of its international development strategy.
The partners of Sintetica SA will remain the holders of a minority stake with the right to retain a significant presence on the board of directors.
Sintetica SA’s five year development plans were recently endorsed for sustainability and credibility by McKinsey, the American worldwide management consulting firm. This includes Sintetica’s people-focused business model which has won international awards for being a “Great Place To Work”.
The plans see a constant growth in revenue, development registration and marketing in more than 100 countries involving about 600 new products and the hiring of hundreds of new employees.
Sintetica Chairman Luca Bolzani said: “I am convinced that this is the greatest guarantee that will allow all of us, me most of all, to continue to carry out our work with the same composure and commitment as we have done so far with deserved success.”
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Prestigious European Business Award for Sintetica's CEO

Best Manager of the Year Augusto Mitidieri

The CEO of Sintetica SA, Augusto Mitidieri, has been awarded Best Manager of the Year by the Europe Business Assembly’s Socrates Committee of Oxford for his exceptional human-centric leadership and the global success of the business.
The company was also awarded the Best Enterprise Award in the EBA’s Corporation of Social Partnership.
The award was presented at the Socrates Award Ceremony of the Achievements Forum 2019 at the Institute of Directors in London.
The Europe Business Assembly comprises world leaders in politics, economy, science and culture from across Europe and has more than 12,000 top managers from 54 countries worldwide.
Managing director of London based Sintetica Ltd, Darren Fergus said: “Recognition of the exceptional global leadership of our CEO, Augusto Mitidieri, not only distinguishes an inspirational leader, it provides all of Sintetica with a huge feel good factor.
“Sintetica is a great place to work and feeling good about the work we do, knowing it is helping patients and constantly improving medicines and  health technology, is what motivates us. It is at the heart of all we do.”

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Sintetica CEO Wins Major Award for People-Centred Business Model

"Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018"

Sintetica CEO, Augusto Mitidieri , has been awarded the “Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018” by Corporate Vision magazine.
The award recognises the corporate strategy and operational elements that make up the 'human-centric philosophy which Augusto has put into the heart of the organisation. In an interview with the magazine said the company’s philosophy was based on responsibility and merit for the employee and not a hierarchical structure.
Managers took on more of a coaching role than one of command and control.
He said: “Total respect from inside the organisation, in terms of corporate and individual priorities is fundamental for managers to make clear what they expect from their employees, and to frequently align these behaviours to expectations, thanks to the continuous and constructive share of feedback. Not to judge their work but to address them towards a continuous improvement.”
The award from Corporate Vision magazine is one of a number of accolades received by Augusto and Sintetica SA in the past three years. Others include European CEO of the Year 2016 by CV Magazine, Best Pharmaceutical Company – Switzerland in the European Enterprise Awards and Award for Excellence in Anaesthetics and Analgesia – Switzerland Small Business Elite 2018 in the Worldwide Business Review.
Sintetica, set up in 1921, delivers injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide through innovative science and excellence in development, production and marketing.

Symposium - AAGBI WSM 2019

Patients must be the ones who decide on their anaesthetic technique

If you don’t let the patient decide on their anaesthetic when they could be awake or asleep, are you putting yourself and your reputation on the line?
The answer is yes.

Dr David Bogod
Consultant Anaesthetist

Symposium - AAGBI WSM 2019

Anaesthetists should not be defaulting to a GA technique

Many anaesthetists are hindered by their organisation’s capabilities, culture and even their own habits that stand in the way of offering patient choice.
However, anaesthetists should not be defaulting to a GA technique.

Dr Morné Wolmarans
Consultant Anaesthetist

Symposium - AAGBI WSM 2019

The choice of anaesthetic technique belongs to the patient

The problem comes in litigation when patients feel ignored, not listened to or that their right to a choice has been taken away from them.
The choice of anaesthetic technique belongs to the patient.

Lauren Sutherland QC

Symposium - AAGBI WSM 2019

Autonomy and patient choice must come first

Patient choice should be based upon the latest techniques and drugs, not an anaesthetist’s personal technique.
Autonomy and patient choice must come first.

Dr William Harrop-Griffiths
Consultant Anaesthetist

Symposium - AAGBI WSM 2019

Consent post-Montgomery is clear

Consent post-Montgomery is clear; patients and doctors must make decisions together.
Ignore this and you breach both doctors’ own GMC guidance and the law.

Dr Oliver Tweedie
Medical Director and Consultant Anaesthetist

Symposium - AAGBI WSM 2019

Choice, Consent and Anaesthetists: Are you in breach of the law?

Sintetica Limited Symposium
Wednesday 9th January

Spinal Anaesthesia in Day Surgery – Right Drug, Right Patient, Right Procedure

Our handbook on the use of spinal anaesthesia in day surgery is now available. Contributors include expert clinicians from across Europe. The handbook contains chapters illustrating techniques used by current SA anaesthetists and guidance on dosage and refers to studies into the use of SA v GA and outcome.

The handbook "Spinal Anaesthesia in Day Surgery - Right Drug, Right Patient, Right Procedure" is available free by contacting

WSM19 -Winter Scientific Meeting 2019

Winter Scientific Meeting 2019
9 -11 January
QEII Centre Westminster, London

WSM19 - Symposium

Choice, Consent and Anaesthetists:
Are you in breach of the law?

Wednesday 9th January
Room: St James, 4th Floor
QEII Centre Westminster, London

How would you feel if I took away your right to a choice in everyday life?
What would it feel like if you discovered there was an option available to you, but it hadn't been offered? Is it our duty, indeed legal obligation, to inform patients of all available therapeutic options, or are there circumstances when we can act in the best interest of the patient?

Sintetica Limited is hosting a unique "Question Time" panel discussion to debate these questions and others from the symposium audience regarding choice and consent. We know choice and consent are topical and we believe that more should be done to highlight the issues and ensure every patient gets offered a choice, especially with regards to regional anaesthesia and day surgery. An aspect of this debate is how the law views these issues and whether or not as a specialty we are in breach of the law?

The panel:
Chair: Dr Mike Nathanson (Immediate Past Honorary Secretary, Association of Anaesthetists)
Dr William Harrop-Griffiths (RCoA and ex-President of Association of Anaesthetists)
David Bogod (RCoA and ex-President of the OAA)
Simon Fletcher (Vice President RCoA)
Morne Wolmarans (ex-President RAUK)
Mary Stocker (ex-President BADS)
Representative of the GMC

This symposium is is free to attend. No booking is required. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lunch will be provided at the symposium.
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