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28 Sep 2022

Early approval of our ophtalmic gel by the FDA

We are happy to share with you this important media release announcing the FDA approval of IHEEZOTM, a revolutionary ophthalmic gel, licensed by Harrow for the U.S. and Canadian Markets.

This is a public recognition of the value, both medical and commercial, of the highly pioneering product developed by Sintetica’s scientific departments.

We are particularly proud of this important milestone, which exemplifies the quality of Sintetica’s research and development groups and our ability to innovate, to be a global pharmaceuticals leader.
We want to give special thanks to our regulatory group, who while working with the Harrow team, performed extraordinarily well, resulting in this early U.S. market approval for this important new medicine.

This approval is an important milestone that enables the company to be increasingly present in the international market.
Given the high quality of the product, Sintetica is open to other possible collaborations and partnerships in other business areas of the world.