ACQ5 Awards 2018

ACQ Gamechangers™ Healthcare Awards 2018.

Pasquale Mitidieri, Global markets Corporate Director, tells us more about Global Division's growth.

Finalist - CPhI 2018 Madrid, Spain.

Sintetica, man at the centre

The palmarès of Sintetica SA Mendrisio, the oldest pharmaceutical company in the Canton Ticino, has been recently enriched with new important international awards.

Such acknowledgments are actually marking the pace of the Corporate’s signicant growth, which is also active in the international markets.

CV magazine has awarded once again Sintetica for the year 2017, in the small business section, as the best European pharmaceutical company. At the same time, Mr. Augusto Mitidieri, Sintetica’s CEO, earned the title of the best pharmaceutical CEO in the world. The main reason behind the attribution of the two prizes lies in the total respect as core value of Sintetica, recognized as a distinctive strategic factor in the entire pharma panorama. Likewise, in order to assure absolute excellence, Mr. Mitidieri, CEO, is now committed to building a "human-centric" corporate culture.
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Can respect be the key to global growth in the pharmaceutical industry?

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