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The palmarès of Sintetica SA Mendrisio, the oldest pharmaceutical company in the Canton Ticino, has been recently enriched with new important international awards.

Such acknowledgments are actually marking the pace of the Corporate’s signicant growth, which is also active in the international markets.

CV magazine has awarded once again Sintetica for the year 2017, in the small business section, as the best European pharmaceutical company. At the same time, Mr. Augusto Mitidieri, Sintetica’s CEO, earned the title of the best pharmaceutical CEO in the world. The main reason behind the attribution of the two prizes lies in the total respect as core value of Sintetica, recognized as a distinctive strategic factor in the entire pharma panorama. Likewise, in order to assure absolute excellence, Mr. Mitidieri, CEO, is now committed to building a "human-centric" corporate culture.
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Augusto Mitidieri of Sintetica is European Pharmaceutical CEO Champion

CEO of Sintetica SA Augusto Mitidieri is a worthy recipient of the Business Worldwide Magazine award Best CEO/Pharmaceutical Industry Europe 2017.

Ultimately in charge of 230 employees spread across 25 different countries, his job is incredibly strategic, thanks to competition from emerging countries and long-term austerity measures Europe-wide. But it's not all doom and gloom for this talented CEO. That's because today there is more investment in pharmaceutical research and development than ever before.

And Mitidieri is determined that Sintetica - whom he has worked with for the past 17years – will remain a leading player within the industry. The 95-year-old company develops injectable anaesthetics and analgesics on a global scale. These are specifically used for local anaesthesia, pain management and neuromodulation. Mitidieri regards development, production and marketing as crucial areas for the company's future strategy.

Receiving his Best CEO Award from the magazine's executives, Mitidieri insisted that innovation within his industry wasn't merely about products, but also management style and organisation.

"Getting this right has been one of the key elements of our success here at Sintetica"

he declared.

Sintetica has its HQ in Switzerland, where it employs around 40 per cent of the company's total workforce. Other countries in which it has a base includes Germany, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom.
In order for sintetica to retain its global leadership peg Mitidieri believes strategic partnering and business development are the keys to long-term growth.
"Our specialist sales teams in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland directly promote and market our products, while our Global Division delivers our top medicines through a network of strategic international worldwide partners" ex-lained Mitidieri, who is a graduate in Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano.
He is hardly apologetic in admitting his 'pickiness' when it comes to choosing business partners. They must share the values of Sintetica, particularly its way of prioritising people and relationships over profit.

"All our partners must meet strict ethical criteria and share our innovation-driven quality without compromising our value proposition"

said Mitidieri.
As you would expect, Sintetica is a company which regards staff as a core resource. As such Mitidieri strives to offer a creative culture and doesn't even mind risk taking too much, provided it's what he would describe as "informed".
He added:

"Making Sintetica a great place to work is our belief and is, in fact, part of our DNA."

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The prestigious Le Fonti Awards reward Sintetica’s CEO

This is decidedly a golden period for Sintetica SA, the pharmaceutical company from Canton Ticino specialized in products for pain therapy ( The CEO Augusto Mitidieri received a prestigious award in the internationalization category for the year 2017 from the Fonti Awards (

The statement regarding Mitidieri's award is

"For his capacity to lead with foresight and attention to human resources in the context of an international specialization in injectable products for pain relief and therapy. In particular, for having invested in the education vand continuous training of the employees in terms of the global standards for Corporate social responsibility and foreign development."

the sentence was translated from Italian by Sintetica

The "Le Fonti" Awards are incorporated in the IAIR system of international awards, an event of great prominence for the business community. It reunites corporate leaders, legal offices and individuals from the highest tiers of the financial world.

This new award refines the already impressive recent prizes bestowed upon Sintetica SA as Pharmaceutical Company of the year 2016 Switzerland and upon Augusto Mitidieri as European CEO of the year 2016.

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