Our Business

We expect high standards of performance and integrity of our business partners.
All transactions with our business partners are based on quality, competitive prices, sustainability and integrity.
Sintetica seeks to establish mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with its business partners based on these principles.

It is the responsibility of each business partner to be familiar and comply not only with the applicable laws, regulations and industry codes, but also with Sintetica's principles, expectations and concrete contractual terms.

We rely on a large and diverse global network of suppliers to support the development, manufacture and delivery of our innovative products worldwide. This complex, highly regulated system spans many countries and cultures.

Our suppliers of materials provide products, such as raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients and packaging. We further use service providers to supply laboratory equipment and IT support, as well as marketing services, consultancy and various other services.

When selecting suppliers, we seek innovative products, services and ideas that will contribute to the growth of our dynamic business. We also seek suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability. Our approach is to develop long-term supplier relationships, with the aim of improving both of our businesses and the world we live in.

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